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So I let Captain

I let Captain Charisma know that I am leaving the theater. I thought he was going to cry like a fuckin’ little bitch. Then he was like, “Have you tolf the Ref”. I said no and told him that he could tell his ass. He then asked why I was leaving… I told him that it was none of his business. He then was like, “Are you going to the Save”. I told it that “IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!” I ended up tell him that I got a BETTER JOB doing more. I then explained to him that I will be working REAL HOURS. Mon-Fri 9-6 and SAT 9-4. I told him that there are other reasons why I am leaving, but I would address those issues before I leave. I will be sending a letter out to higher ups and tell them what has been happening here. FUCK K!!!

the BIG K


Well, it is 4:20 today. I hope all of you stoners get it.

I here to tell everyone that someone special has left the theater. A couple of days ago, damadidor left us for a better job. It was a sad day for all of us. Myself and Zann_69 are thinking about adding someone else. We are still going to let damadidor post if he likes, but we will have all the insider information. FUCK CAPTAIN CHARISMA!!! FUCK HIM IN THE ASS!!! He likes boys.

the BIG K

Re: Masterbating at Work?

Holy shit D!?!?! That shit is so fuckin right… I completely agree that the fuck is jacking off to little kids… That sick motherfucker… or should I say Kidfucker. I seriously wish he would just leave… I cannot believe they still employ that piece of shit. Fuck em

the BIG K 69

Masterbating at Work?

Ok Ok Ok… I know that your taken back by the title, but I have a theory. We see the captain “disappear” many times a shift (mostly during busy times on the weekend). We can also see the captain, shirt untucked, tie in disarray, and pants lopsided. Is it safe to put two and two together and ASSUME that he is masterbating at work??? Seeing hundreds of “little” kids run through his theater must make him “Happy?” many times through the course of his unproductive shift. One would have to assume that he is panking the johnson at work! I leave this open to discuss…

I Feel Now that OUR Point has been Proven

I was minding my own business and checkin out email. I noticed a
weird email, so I decided to take a quick look… It was a check on
the theatre. Nothing big we usually score around 90-95%. I saw
scored in the 70%-75% range. What the FUCK?!? We have not been that
low ever!!! I wonder who could be at fault.

You see we kept on telling The Ref that Captain Charisma is a fuckin
joke… He sucks at life and makes all of us look bad. No matter what
we tell The Ref, he shrugs it off like nothing is the matter. C.C.
cannot even doing an 8 person schedule right. He makes some people
work 8 days in a fuckin row. How fucked up is that? I swear one day
he is going to get called out on it… I think today might be that
day. This is the second time in a row something was said about C.C.
being a dumbass. I am not kidding you when I say that this is
straight from a corporate report on the theatre:

Name of Manager on Duty: Captain Charisma
Age: 50
Hair: Balding Brown/Grey
Height: 5′ 8″

This is the 2nd time he has been called out… I hope that The Ref
will do something about.

Here is the ironic part of the whole situation… I was told
yesterday that on Saturday we had a secret shopper. The “Slave” said
that they swear there was a secret shopper in on Saturday. I was
like, “BULLSHIT”. “There are never any that come in anymore.” I
stand corrected.

Captain Charisma mumbled something a week ago that I forgot to post.
He mumbled, “I know I saw you and zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” Which
I replied, “What?!?” I figured out what he was referring to. He
swears TheBIGK69 is hanging out with someone who is not in the “same”
position… Who the fuck cares? Shit, we do not even work together
that much… (That Much = Never)
I was talking the chick, who I am fucking hard 3 times a week and she
works at the theatre, about the problem. She was wondering if at some
point he was so trashed he saw someone who looked like BK and Z69.
Everything started to make sense… The drinking references and the
“blow-ups” during work. He has a BAD-fucking problem with beer… I
think that if he were ever to get fired, he would say it is because he
has a drinking problem. I swear that stupid son-of-a-bitch would pull
that shit out of his ass. GOSH, I hate that guy.

I know that “M” will be putting up a rant about how fuckin stupid
Captain Charisma is… I have not heard much from Zann69 due to the
fact we never work together because CC is a faggot. Any ways I need
more sleep…

the BIG K

I got a bad case of…..

[Charisma]-inides. Cant think, I’m pissy, paceing, and rolling up papers in my hand. I can’t look a person in the eye and I have no balls. Even the kiddy porn isn’t making me feel better. If I had WoW then maybe that would help… Or possably an XBox. Naa! Fuck CC and let me get a big “hell ya” for DAC on Saturday night!

While In France….

last year I got a case of “Bomake upoth”. No actually thats what one of my fellow manager is in charge of doing next Thursday. See, this is what I am talking about. C.C. is just a completer monkey fucker. How can you fuck up a schedule of 8 people and not see that you type “bomake upoth”? Ya I cant spell worth a damn, up C.C. is a complete jack off. Not to mention the fact that 3 out of 4 schedules dont even have the right date on them! Do us a favore C.C. drink yourself to death and get it over with.

Average Math

Just the other day I was at my beloved ASSRAPER INC. getting ready to start another day of hell. I came in with a positive attitude (even though it was my 8th day in a row, but thats a whole different section). I went to double check C.C.’s work…as I always do. Low and behold he had screwed up some average math problems (like the one’s my 8 year old does in timed tests in 2nd grade). Yes I understand that all of us make a mistake once in awhile, but FUCK!!!! everyday! C.C. doesnt stand for Constantly Correct thats for sure! I still have no idea how he got to were he is today. i am sure it had alot to do with pitty, obligations, and of course some petty anal sex events from early employment. I hate “cleaning up” after C.C. and I am sure that when the minimum wage thing comes out there is going to have to be a lot of “cleaning up”. I for one am not going to clean up C.C.’s mess. Thank goodness I have some cool people to work with like the sparrow and my buddy that is an expert on cunt monkeys! FUCK C.C. and FUCK ASSRAPER INC!

How does someone who sucks at Life…

How does someone, who sucks at Life, keep a job for so long? I think I know why… He sucked a lot of cock to get to where he is today… I mean… Come on… How the FUCK do you fuck up on a daily basis and not get in trouble for it??? Captain Charisma somehow keeps his job.

I have always thought you should treat your employees with respect and not yell at them all the fuckin time. I see Captain Charisma yelling at top employees all the fuckin time. What am I supposed to do??? This is why some people have branded together. Instead of letting shit stay in house and make us feel like shit, we are voicing our non-existing voices on the internet. I mean the only thing C.C. goes to is the kidding porn sites… that SICK FUCK!!!

I know that wages went up in ILL, but CC has not told any of the employees about the changes… You do not receive a raise… Your raise is to $6.00 (under 18) and $6.50 (18 and over). Some people have been there for a long time and have got raises, but he is to FUCKIN SCARED TO TELL OUR STAFF… FUCK DAT!!! You should never fuck with people’s money. They have… I just hope that CC and the Mob fuck themselves over.

I know I just put a ton of shit on here at once and I did not stay on subject, but I am fuckin pissed about how Captain Charisma treated one of my friends… There are 3 things that you never FUCK WITH; 1) Family 2) Money 3) Friends. I hope that The Ref sees what is going on sometime, but he is a piece of shit… I think he knows what is going on, but The Ref does not give a shit any more. Whatever…

Speak on This…

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