So I let Captain

I let Captain Charisma know that I am leaving the theater. I thought he was going to cry like a fuckin’ little bitch. Then he was like, “Have you tolf the Ref”. I said no and told him that he could tell his ass. He then asked why I was leaving… I told him that it was none of his business. He then was like, “Are you going to the Save”. I told it that “IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!” I ended up tell him that I got a BETTER JOB doing more. I then explained to him that I will be working REAL HOURS. Mon-Fri 9-6 and SAT 9-4. I told him that there are other reasons why I am leaving, but I would address those issues before I leave. I will be sending a letter out to higher ups and tell them what has been happening here. FUCK K!!!

the BIG K

Lord Booth Bitch His Majesty and Captain Charisma… The Gay Y Connection

A while back, some of us expressed how much we thought it was unfair that LBBHS as allowed to do nothing but booth. If everyone is getting paid the same amount, why is it that only 2 out of the 5 people actually are doing all the positions? I know why… Both Captain Charisma and Booth Bitch masterbate to little kids. Think about it for a minute… They both disappear when it is busy… They also look around at the little peeps that come through the doors… I think I proved my point.

“Well, I hate to tell you”, then do not tell me at all you piece of shit. It goes deeper than the fact that they like the same sexual fantasy’s. I feel they are the same person. Next time you look at the two, you will notice what I talking about. FUCKIN FAGGOTS!!! I hope you two go to jail together.

the BIG K

Meeting Yesterday

So we had a meeting about misc bullshit. Basically so Captain
Charisma can say that he had a meeting… There was an issue about
“the Booth Bitch”. You see, he has CC in his fuckin palms. CC does
not want him to do anything but booth. What the fuck?!? He makes
Stuttering Dub do it all the fuckin time. Shit SD actually wants to
learn more. That faggot BB wants to stay upstairs in the booth. Fuck
that… I do not know what CC and BB have on the Ref, but it is
completely BULLSHIT.

I still cannot believe that Captain Charisma actually said that he
needs to get the Ref’s approval before taking care of business. The
only thing CC said that “the Booth Bitch” can change belts faster than
us… The truth is BB can do that… But what else does that
worthless piece of shit do? He comes down and watches us work…
That is BULLSHIT!!! If Zann, T-Dub, or I came down and
started to watch people work, we would get written up or lose our job.
The Booth Bitch would not. He would say that he has a problem with
his change of jobs. I really hope CC gets some fuckin balls and talks
to him. I know that he has none… So the Booth Bitch will still get
his fuckin way. FUCK YOU BOOTH BITCH!!!

I still cannot believe that M got a better job. I wish he was still
checking the board out. I am sure he will want to get a good laugh
out of it. Later M!!! I bet you cannot wait until July!!!

the BIG K


Well, it is 4:20 today. I hope all of you stoners get it.

I here to tell everyone that someone special has left the theater. A couple of days ago, damadidor left us for a better job. It was a sad day for all of us. Myself and Zann_69 are thinking about adding someone else. We are still going to let damadidor post if he likes, but we will have all the insider information. FUCK CAPTAIN CHARISMA!!! FUCK HIM IN THE ASS!!! He likes boys.

the BIG K

If you didn’t know…

I imagine this information has made it’s way to everyone, but as a recap and to chronicle the event…

The Ref made an appearance at Assrape yesterday. He let the proverbial cat out of the bag to the Captain. However, to my knowledge, that was the extent of the visit. What a waste. I fail to see the purpose of giving “anonymous” information when the only outcome is to tell shithead what was said. Furthermore, it would seem that the Captain is on a crash course to fine tune his skills at being a douche. Later that evening, our unsung leader who had been working wing finished his duties and helped me out with some of my closing efforts. Boob and myself decided there was no use in him staying, he was supposed to be there till 12, and told him to take off. Not 10 minutes later the Captain arrived and the first words out of his mouth were “where is blah”. Well, actually I tell a lie, the first words out of his mouth were “where is….where is…uh….where is….where…..” SPIT IT OUT MOTHERFUCKER! Long story short, he made him come back in. They vanished into a hallway for a good half hour or so…who knows. I called it a while back, this company has no intentions of doing anything about this situation. They’ve known it existed for 20 years now and haven’t acted yet. This was all a charade to make us feel good for the time being.

It will make the work experience interesting for a while, possibly for a good goddamn long time. The Captain is hardly professional enough to handle the situation of knowing that everyone is against him and, personally, I have no intentions of making that any easier on him. With how he played things last night my friendliness is over. I can work along side him if I have to but that will be the extent of it. If he has a question, I’ll answer. I don’t foresee any other conversation between us taking place. If we order pizza…I’ll offer to everyone there, except him. He thought he was lonely before….

I’d rather hope I’m not the only one with this mindset, one person won’t matter.

I hate working anymore

"In the crowd of pain, Captain Charisma comes without any shame,
And mom and dad are the ones you can blame
Charisma died today [Cheers!!!]
He blew his brains out into the bay,
In the state of mind in [his] own private suicide"

Captain Charisma is being a fuckin retard… He thinks he can send bad messages to me and get away with it… No way… I am going to bad another talk with his face. Hells fuckin no… Him and I are going to have another talk and I will not be surprised if I get fired. I hope not though. I need drinking money and porn. I hope next time I work, he does not have his shirt untucked and keeps on disappearing to the bathroom. I was told by the janitor that C2 was going around talking to himself about the theatre. I then was told he had his hands in a fist and was beating them up and down… Wow… What are suppose think about that shit.

Last week, we had a home office person at the good ol theatre. She was there is talk about Captain Charisma. No one decided to hold back on how much C2 sucks at life. I am guessing that he should be fired by this week and the latest next week. If they do not fired his old fuckin ass, someone will be going even higher than it has… THX 33888444466. You rule!

the BIG K

I hate the weekends, but not this one

“Oh therapy, can you please fill the void? Is he retarded or is he just unemployed”

On last Friday (Feb 25th), the Ref decided to make his way down to the theater… He talked to some of the employees about Captain Charisma. I had no idea why his ass was here, but I was informed later on why… C2 sucks at life.

This weekend, Captain Charisma had some “friends” at the theater… They were here to talk to him about how much he sucks at life. Actually, they did not even talk to him… She came here and talked to all the staff and managers. They did not even talk to him about the problem. Since he is the problem, everyone and their mother bashed him.

I am willing to bet that they will not fire him, but move him to another location. What type of fuckin company does that shit? I know one that does. Fuck it… Can you believe that we cannot tell anyone that some of us hang out?!? What type of shit is that? The point of me rambling on is, C2 has about 97.69% chance of getting fired… I really hope that drunk loses his job and crawls into a hole in the wall… I just hope he does not come back and shoot the place up, even though I know he does not have the balls to do so.

the BIG K

Re: Masterbating at Work?

Holy shit D!?!?! That shit is so fuckin right… I completely agree that the fuck is jacking off to little kids… That sick motherfucker… or should I say Kidfucker. I seriously wish he would just leave… I cannot believe they still employ that piece of shit. Fuck em

the BIG K 69

Masterbating at Work?

Ok Ok Ok… I know that your taken back by the title, but I have a theory. We see the captain “disappear” many times a shift (mostly during busy times on the weekend). We can also see the captain, shirt untucked, tie in disarray, and pants lopsided. Is it safe to put two and two together and ASSUME that he is masterbating at work??? Seeing hundreds of “little” kids run through his theater must make him “Happy?” many times through the course of his unproductive shift. One would have to assume that he is panking the johnson at work! I leave this open to discuss…

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