How does someone who sucks at Life…

How does someone, who sucks at Life, keep a job for so long? I think I know why… He sucked a lot of cock to get to where he is today… I mean… Come on… How the FUCK do you fuck up on a daily basis and not get in trouble for it??? Captain Charisma somehow keeps his job.

I have always thought you should treat your employees with respect and not yell at them all the fuckin time. I see Captain Charisma yelling at top employees all the fuckin time. What am I supposed to do??? This is why some people have branded together. Instead of letting shit stay in house and make us feel like shit, we are voicing our non-existing voices on the internet. I mean the only thing C.C. goes to is the kidding porn sites… that SICK FUCK!!!

I know that wages went up in ILL, but CC has not told any of the employees about the changes… You do not receive a raise… Your raise is to $6.00 (under 18) and $6.50 (18 and over). Some people have been there for a long time and have got raises, but he is to FUCKIN SCARED TO TELL OUR STAFF… FUCK DAT!!! You should never fuck with people’s money. They have… I just hope that CC and the Mob fuck themselves over.

I know I just put a ton of shit on here at once and I did not stay on subject, but I am fuckin pissed about how Captain Charisma treated one of my friends… There are 3 things that you never FUCK WITH; 1) Family 2) Money 3) Friends. I hope that The Ref sees what is going on sometime, but he is a piece of shit… I think he knows what is going on, but The Ref does not give a shit any more. Whatever…

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  1. “There are 3 things that you never FUCK WITH; 1) Family 2) Money 3) Friends.”

    Unfortunately what you’ve neglected to notice, or at the least particularly mention, is that Assrape Incorporated has already made blatant advances upon your friends. This, being phase two, of the plan has merely stepped into the realm of money. Your family is, no doubt, not far behind.

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