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Masterbating at Work?

Ok Ok Ok… I know that your taken back by the title, but I have a theory. We see the captain “disappear” many times a shift (mostly during busy times on the weekend). We can also see the captain, shirt untucked, tie in disarray, and pants lopsided. Is it safe to put two and two together and ASSUME that he is masterbating at work??? Seeing hundreds of “little” kids run through his theater must make him “Happy?” many times through the course of his unproductive shift. One would have to assume that he is panking the johnson at work! I leave this open to discuss…

I got a bad case of…..

[Charisma]-inides. Cant think, I’m pissy, paceing, and rolling up papers in my hand. I can’t look a person in the eye and I have no balls. Even the kiddy porn isn’t making me feel better. If I had WoW then maybe that would help… Or possably an XBox. Naa! Fuck CC and let me get a big “hell ya” for DAC on Saturday night!

While In France….

last year I got a case of “Bomake upoth”. No actually thats what one of my fellow manager is in charge of doing next Thursday. See, this is what I am talking about. C.C. is just a completer monkey fucker. How can you fuck up a schedule of 8 people and not see that you type “bomake upoth”? Ya I cant spell worth a damn, up C.C. is a complete jack off. Not to mention the fact that 3 out of 4 schedules dont even have the right date on them! Do us a favore C.C. drink yourself to death and get it over with.

Them Damn’ed ol theater blues…..

Just knowing that I have to go to that fuckin place tonight gives me a headache. Knowing that I will have to deal with C.C. makes me crindge. I am sure that there will be many mistakes that I will have to fix. HOW HARD IS IT TO DO A DROP CORRECTLY FOR FUCKIN CHRIST SAKE. Even Napolain can get that right. While Kip is online chatting with babes and La Fonda is waxing her Tiger Woods teeth, I’ll be cleaning up after good ol C.C….. IDIOT! I just want to hang a big ol pinayda in the front of the theater…… have it look like C.C. and wack the hell out of it like my main man Pedro!

Average Math

Just the other day I was at my beloved ASSRAPER INC. getting ready to start another day of hell. I came in with a positive attitude (even though it was my 8th day in a row, but thats a whole different section). I went to double check C.C.’s work…as I always do. Low and behold he had screwed up some average math problems (like the one’s my 8 year old does in timed tests in 2nd grade). Yes I understand that all of us make a mistake once in awhile, but FUCK!!!! everyday! C.C. doesnt stand for Constantly Correct thats for sure! I still have no idea how he got to were he is today. i am sure it had alot to do with pitty, obligations, and of course some petty anal sex events from early employment. I hate “cleaning up” after C.C. and I am sure that when the minimum wage thing comes out there is going to have to be a lot of “cleaning up”. I for one am not going to clean up C.C.’s mess. Thank goodness I have some cool people to work with like the sparrow and my buddy that is an expert on cunt monkeys! FUCK C.C. and FUCK ASSRAPER INC!