Average Math

Just the other day I was at my beloved ASSRAPER INC. getting ready to start another day of hell. I came in with a positive attitude (even though it was my 8th day in a row, but thats a whole different section). I went to double check C.C.’s work…as I always do. Low and behold he had screwed up some average math problems (like the one’s my 8 year old does in timed tests in 2nd grade). Yes I understand that all of us make a mistake once in awhile, but FUCK!!!! everyday! C.C. doesnt stand for Constantly Correct thats for sure! I still have no idea how he got to were he is today. i am sure it had alot to do with pitty, obligations, and of course some petty anal sex events from early employment. I hate “cleaning up” after C.C. and I am sure that when the minimum wage thing comes out there is going to have to be a lot of “cleaning up”. I for one am not going to clean up C.C.’s mess. Thank goodness I have some cool people to work with like the sparrow and my buddy that is an expert on cunt monkeys! FUCK C.C. and FUCK ASSRAPER INC!

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