I hate working anymore

"In the crowd of pain, Captain Charisma comes without any shame,
And mom and dad are the ones you can blame
Charisma died today [Cheers!!!]
He blew his brains out into the bay,
In the state of mind in [his] own private suicide"

Captain Charisma is being a fuckin retard… He thinks he can send bad messages to me and get away with it… No way… I am going to bad another talk with his face. Hells fuckin no… Him and I are going to have another talk and I will not be surprised if I get fired. I hope not though. I need drinking money and porn. I hope next time I work, he does not have his shirt untucked and keeps on disappearing to the bathroom. I was told by the janitor that C2 was going around talking to himself about the theatre. I then was told he had his hands in a fist and was beating them up and down… Wow… What are suppose think about that shit.

Last week, we had a home office person at the good ol theatre. She was there is talk about Captain Charisma. No one decided to hold back on how much C2 sucks at life. I am guessing that he should be fired by this week and the latest next week. If they do not fired his old fuckin ass, someone will be going even higher than it has… THX 33888444466. You rule!

the BIG K

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