The mayhem of the muster

While on a break late at night,
I ordered a burger and fries,
upon inspection I got a fright,
there was no muster to my demise.

I said “Miss, I miss my muster.”,
I would have proceeded on and cussed her.
She said, however, listen, Buster, I’m mister muster,
I then did realize an adam’s apple of great size.

Said mister muster, “it’s in a cluster,
down in yonder bin”.
Then to my surprise, before my eyes,
who would but walk in?

An adjuster to count said muster,
one by one the entire cluster.
I waited while he counted in the bin,
but my break from Assrape was coming to an end!

I seized the muster from the cluster,
out from under the adjuster.
In a panic, as passing mister muster,
I did entrust her,
these parting words “It’s spelled, and pronounced, MUSTARD you fucking retard.”

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