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How does someone who sucks at Life…

How does someone, who sucks at Life, keep a job for so long? I think I know why… He sucked a lot of cock to get to where he is today… I mean… Come on… How the FUCK do you fuck up on a daily basis and not get in trouble for it??? Captain Charisma somehow keeps his job.

I have always thought you should treat your employees with respect and not yell at them all the fuckin time. I see Captain Charisma yelling at top employees all the fuckin time. What am I supposed to do??? This is why some people have branded together. Instead of letting shit stay in house and make us feel like shit, we are voicing our non-existing voices on the internet. I mean the only thing C.C. goes to is the kidding porn sites… that SICK FUCK!!!

I know that wages went up in ILL, but CC has not told any of the employees about the changes… You do not receive a raise… Your raise is to $6.00 (under 18) and $6.50 (18 and over). Some people have been there for a long time and have got raises, but he is to FUCKIN SCARED TO TELL OUR STAFF… FUCK DAT!!! You should never fuck with people’s money. They have… I just hope that CC and the Mob fuck themselves over.

I know I just put a ton of shit on here at once and I did not stay on subject, but I am fuckin pissed about how Captain Charisma treated one of my friends… There are 3 things that you never FUCK WITH; 1) Family 2) Money 3) Friends. I hope that The Ref sees what is going on sometime, but he is a piece of shit… I think he knows what is going on, but The Ref does not give a shit any more. Whatever…

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The raise that wasn’t

So I’m workin along last nite, doin my thing. A particular crew leader of questionable lifestyle asks how raises will be going, trying to get some inside info no doubt. I probably gave him a nice “what the fuck” look and as calmly as possible asked if he’d been talked to by Captain Charisma. He hadn’t; as you may already know. It’s stupid enough how Assrape Incorporated© is treating the employees but does Grandmasta P really think that not telling anyone will make it go away? These poor bastards are gonna find out when they get their first check. That shit just ain’t right. There I was all looking forward to a shift when the big Pizzle wasn’t working…somehow he still made me have an average day there at Assrape. I hope his testicles rot.